Past Events



‘Europegenix’, an online seminar served to provide information to a good number of young participants from the University of Malta; who were eager to learn about learning mobility opportunities in the EU thanks to a collaboration between Eurodesk MT( Agenzija Zghazagh) represented by Sarah Spiteri and The Permanent Representation of Malta to the EU, Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs (MFEA), represented by Charlene Caruana. The online seminar also included the participation of the Department of International Relations UoM, the Institute for European Studies/Europe Direct UoM, Dr Joanna Drake (EU Deputy Director General), Mr Ryan Borg (Deputy Counsel, MFSA and ex-trainee) and Ms Bernice Bonello (EU careers ambassador UoM).

During the online seminar, young participants were given the opportunity to familiarise with the EU Institutions and Agencies, application procedures, and tools such as the ‘Eurodesk Opportunity Finder’ that grant them access to attain reliable information on opportunities such as grants, internships and others. Additionally, students had the opportunity to learn on opportunities available within the MFEA and PREU and other services offered by the Ministry.

Europegenix highlighted the fact that working or studying abroad gives young people a whole new level of life experience and demonstrates an independence and open-mindedness that shall be useful during their career. Stepping outside of the comfort zone helps boost one’s confidence, meaning that young people are now more likely to take on challenges that anyone has dared to before.


Where's the Punchline? A stand up comedy training project

Eurodesk MT invited young people to participate in an online stand-up comedy training. Following the termination of the training the young participants were asked to provide audio visual material featuring one of the following characters and experiences:

1. A volunteer on an EU Project
2. An intern who is part of an internship project within an EU country
3. A student who is new on campus in an EU country
4. A traveler within an EU country

Being Online - Social Media Training for Youth Organizations

Eurodesk MT invited youth organisations and youth workers to attend an online workshop with regards to social media. The workshop assisted youth organisations and youth workers to attain knowledge on how to operate their social media platforms enabling them to address the young people’s needs and reach a wider audience.

The training provided allowed the participants to understand the difference between social media platforms, including functionality, target audience, and intended use, understand the organisation’s benefits associated with the social media platforms, determine which social media platform(s) is/are best for their organisation and be aware of the recent changes associated with popular social media platforms.

Give Back Award

An initiative which gave an opportunity for young individuals or groups of young people ( 3- 5 participants) between the age of 18 and 30 to submit a solidarity idea which can be implemented during the COVID-19 period. Aġenzija Żgħażagħ has awarded €500 to the best solidarity idea and also a number €100 awards for other ideas which were considered interesting and scored high during the assessment phase.

The young participants with the best ideas were assigned a youth worker to coach them further on how to implement and promote the idea. The ‘Give Back Award’ hosted 14 initiatives which addressed different target groups who are considered vulnerable. All initiatives resulted in providing the necessary support which were identified before hand. The groups of young people were provided the necessary assistance and guidance to implement their project by professional youthworkers within Agenzija Zghazagh. The participants have been informed and encouraged to explore the European Solidarity Corps.

The ‘Give Back Award’ allowed the young participants to identify their potentials on how to develop and implement their project ideas both on an individual and team basis. Moreover being assisted by a youth worker the young participants attained a better insight of youth work. The young people’s enthusiasm resulted in being successful and generated a sense of belonging whilst encouraged active citizenship.

Young Reporters

Eurodesk MT issued a call for young people who would be interested in interviewing and writing articles about young people’s experiences (studying, internships, travelling, volunteering) abroad. The young reporters have received training provided by a professional journalist with regards to developing and writing an article. The young reporters had their final articles reviewed by the same professional journalist, who provided the young reporters with the necessary feedback to improve their skills and in-site of reporting.

The project involved 5 young reporters who identified other young people who have been engaged in learning mobility experiences and were interviewed in order to produce the expected articles. Articles which aim to encourage other young people to participate in learning mobility initiatives whilst sharing the unique experiences.

The young reporters were given the possibility to attain skills needed to develop youth friendly articles whilst being able to identify what works for young people. The young reporters have shown great enthusiasm whilst interviewing other young people which allowed themselves as well to explore various opportunities which they can participate in. Moreover one can note that this initiative has established a network system between the young people involved.

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Where To?

An online campaign that promoted learning mobility. Eurodesk MT featured a tableau on Agenzija Zghazagh social media portal which featured information and benefits of being engaged in different learning mobility opportunities whilst featuring Eurodesk services. This online campaign encouraged young people to inform themselves and engage in the opportunities provided by Eurodesk in Europe.

The online campaign featured how Eurodesk operates and gave a clearer picture of the opportunities it provides whilst encouraging young people to make use of this service.Young people were given access to information that encourages them to participate in learning mobility initiatives. More over it has introduced them to a reliable service provider that provides them support to reach their goals.


Ahoy ... All Aboard

Ahoy All Aboard hosted a number of young people attending post secondary schools to embark on a boat trip around Malta which supports the idea of learning mobility – moving around and attaining knowledge. The young participants had been granted the opportunity to explore the Maltese history whilst learning about the services Eurodesk provides. 

And Action!

‘And Action!’ is here. A production project of EurodeskMT within Agenzija Zghazagh in collaboration with young people attending Youth.Inc- Aġenzija Żgħażagħ. This production was designed and filmed from scratch by young people aiming to encourage other young people to participate in various learning mobility experiences (internships, volunteering, studying and participation) happening in Malta. Eurodesk MT provides reliable information to the young people that will allow them to kick off their experiences !

Mind the Gap

‘Mind the Gap’ was a campaign which hosted a good number of young people on different days throughout 2019. The young people came from Higher Education Institutions in Malta and Gozo, and the campaign provided an experiential experience to ensure a better understanding of the benefits and opportunities of learning mobility.

 ‘Mind the Gap’ kicked off with a train tour around 3 cities. During the train tour, young people had the opportunity to learn more about the Maltese culture as they went past several historical sites. Following the train tour, the participants visited Agenzija Zghazagh’s South Regional Centre situated in Birgu. During this visit, the young participants had the chance to participate in workshops facilitated by Eurodesk MT and the European Union Programmes Agency (EUPA).

The workshop promoted learning mobility opportunities, both on a national and European level, covering internships, studying and working abroad, as well as volunteering. Whilst participating in a series of activities, young people were given reliable information on learning mobility and explored the ‘Eurodesk Opportunity Finder’ tool – a step forward for them to grow into active and independent citizens. Learning mobility experiences enable young people to acquire essential competences that contribute to their personal and socio-educational development and foster their active participation in society, thereby improving their employment prospects.

Plus +

Eurodesk MT provided training to youth organisations who work with young people deriving from different backgrounds. The training focused on networking whilst promoting Eurodesk services. One of the aims of this training was to encourage the youth organizations to become multipliers. 


Hop On Hop Off

Over 300 young people travelled to different localities on a double decker bus and were engaged in different workshops that promoted the following: volunteering abroad, studying abroad, travelling, and internships/ traineeships.

Through workshops delivered by EUPA, EU Careers – Malta and Aġenzija Żgħażagħ, the young people involved became more familiar with Eurodesk services, EYCA and ERYICA and were given the space to explore the benefits of learning mobility.

The Hop On Hop Off event showcased that learning mobility has positive effects on personal development, employability, building a sense of EU citizenship and on being tolerant to diversity. It highly contributes to broadening one’s horizons, stimulates creativity and enables the youth to develop the necessary competences to interact in a multicultural society.

In short, it proved to the young people that quality mobility is good for individuals, societies and economies. Young people explored the possibility of joining the European Solidarity Corps.


Representatives of different NGOs were engaged in workshops presented by EUPA Malta and Aġenzija Żgħażagħ which allowed them to explore the ways and means to empower learning mobility whilst learning how to better present their projects for Erasmus+ funding. 

Time to Move

Time to Move is a collection of events for young people organised during October. These activities will introduce you to the hundreds of possibilities through which you can go abroad and take part in an international project, explore Europe or gain experience you need for your future. All the activities are run by Eurodesk information experts, always ready to have a discussion and help you find the international project most suitable for your needs.