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Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship
Time to move

During the month of October, Eurodesk runs a campaign to raise awareness on the many possibilities young people can grab to move abroad and take part in international projects in Europe and even beyond.

During the ‘Time to Move’ campaign Eurodesk organises diverse activities all around Europe to drive young people’s attention to the very local Eurodesk information points as sources of European mobility information and means of mobility guidance spots.

All the activities are run by Eurodesk information experts, always ready to have a discussion and help you find the international project most suitable for your needs.

Volunteering in another country for a few months?

School exchange for a semester?

Internships abroad?


Young Reporters

Write it up! is an initiative by the EurodeskMT operated by the Aġenzija Żgħażagħ Youth Information Service and which aims at disseminating reliable information about the impacts and benefits of young people’s experiences (studying, internships, travelling, volunteering) abroad.
This project provides a shared networking platform bringing together young people who have experiences abroad with others who are interested in reporting about young people’s experiences (studying, internships, travelling, volunteering) abroad.

What young reporters are saying:


“Having studied abroad, I can confidently endorse and wish to encourage others to undertake such an experience, by highlighting and reporting on the vastly colourful experiences of others.” – Jethro


‘The Young Reporters initiative is a way for youth to share their stories, inspiring other youth to tell theirs.’ – Veronika