Angela at Akropoditi Dance Festival in Syros

Hello, I am Angela.  I live in Malta and I have Down’s Syndrome.

Last year I was awarded an Erasmus+ VET through MCAST as a Performing Arts Advanced Diploma student to attend the Akropoditi dance festival in Syros.  The festival had to be postponed because of Covid19 but I was able to do the Erasmus this year. I spent 2 wonderful weeks in Greece and just got back home.

I participated in four workshops and helped out at events.

I also did Q&As with the participants, tutors and performers.

One of the participants I spoke with (Athina, from the Netherlands) said that she has taken part in the festival for 3 years and has returned because she loves the island and the festival. She also loved the workshops and the locations. They were all outdoors this year with one being on the beach!

One of the performers and tutors (Milan, from Slovakia and Belgium) said that dancing makes him feel “free, I feel like in heaven when I am moving, dancing. It goes beyond everything.”

When I asked Christine (from Canada) and Spela (from Slovenia) about how they adapted to the Covid19 situation Christine told me that when they were forbidden to touch it made it almost impossible to dance. Just having the mask makes it hard to breathe and see each other’s facial expressions. But Spela said that less time being on stage meant that she had more time to practise and create and to refresh her inspirations.

I would like to finish off with Christine’s words about her best memories which are also mine:

“Warm welcome. Open minded and curious people. Amazing landscapes/context and the nice encounters and moments shared”.

Thank you, MCAST for this opportunity, and Akropoditi for hosting me!

By Angela Bettoni
Young Reporter Eurodesk MT

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